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Sarah’s story explores her father’s childhood living in the Hebron Hills and his interactions with the early Palestinian refugees. Her father was born in 1948, the year of the Nakba (the catastrophe) and the stories follow him until 1967, the year that Hebron was occupied. His childhood stories about growing up in Palestine at the start of the occupation are stories of child poverty, resistance, and refugees. “While my mother told me fairy tales, my father told me real life stories that also contained kings, brave young men, and monsters.”

Sarah Abusarar comes from a long line of storytellers on her paternal side. She tells stories to both adults and children, nationally and internationally at festivals in Canada, Italy, Croatia, Morocco and UAE. Raised in multiple countries, Abusarar tells stories from all over the world with a focus on Palestinian and Croatian stories, where her roots lie. Her favourite stories are ones that promote social change, and she employs story-telling as therapy for children in refugee camps and refugee children in Toronto. She currently works for the Toronto Parent-Child Mother Goose Program using traditional storytelling to encourage parent-child bonding. Additionally, Abusarar belongs to a collective called “Musical Story Studio,” where stories and music are combined in performance and through interactive workshops. Abusarar enjoys telling stories that transport people to far-away magical places she remembers, from long, long ago.

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