One of our goals is to provide collaborative bibliographies for important topics related to the study of Arab music. These are not exhaustive, but may provide starting points for research or reading. If you would like to add any resources or suggest a bibliography, please email Christopher Witulski.

2011 Revolutions

Thank you to Alan Karass for the beginnings of this bibliography on the 2011 Revolutions.

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New Publications

This list aims to present some of the newest scholarship on Arab music, organized by language.

  • Ruth F. Davis and Brian Oberlander, Music and Encounter at the Mediterranean Crossroads: A Sea of Voices (2022), Routledge
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Recent Theses and Dissertations

This list aims to present some of the newest scholarship from the last five years focused on Arab music and organized by language.

  • Liza Munk, "Don’t Tell Me Underground": The Politics of Joy and Melancholy in Jordan’s Alternative Arabic Music (2021), PhD: University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jillian Fulton-Melanson, The Post-Tarab Soundscape: Underground Electronic Dance Music Culture and the Arab-Canadian Diaspora (2021), PhD: York University
  • Christopher C. Orr, "Come, Ask My Heart": Voice, Meaning, and Affect among Algerian Sha'bi Musicians in Paris (2019), PhD: Florida State University

Taqsim (improvisation)

Thank you to Alan Karass for the beginnings of this bibliography on Arab improvisation, known as taqsim.

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Useful readings for undergraduate teaching

This listing is intended to provide resources for the undergraduate-level classroom. This is just a cursory start, send along chapters, articles, or books that you have bread or used in your classes!

  • William Cleveland, A History of the Modern Middle East (2013), Westview Press
  • Scott Marcus, Music in Egypt: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (2007), Oxford University press
  • Jonathan Shannon, Among the Jasmine Trees: Music and Modernity in Contemporary Syria (2006), Wesleyan University Press
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