The following list of presentations feature papers related to music in the Arab world. All presentations are in person (ET time zone) and open to conference attendees. Please note: the SAMR business meeting on Saturday, 21 October, is open to online attendees (see Zoom link below to join the meeting).

WEDNESDAY, 18 October

Lecture-demonstration: “Under the Covers: Exhuming new/old music from the grooves of Arab music 78-records in the public domain.” Anne Rasmussen, Jared Holton, Anne Elise Thomas, Amal Guermazi, Albert Agha. SEM Pre-Conference Symposium: Archives, Access, and Ethnomusicology. 8:15-9:30pm

THURSDAY, 19 October

Panel: Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East. Maria Manuel Rijo Lopes da Cunha, Jonathan Shannon, Virginia Danielson, Salwa el-Shawan Castelo-Branco. Sponsored by the SAMR. 1:45 - 3:45pm.

Paper: “Men Antum: Popular Music and Race in the Libyan Revolution.” Leila Tayeb. 2:45-3:15pm

Paper: “I Compose as I Breathe: “Author’s Song” as Preservation of Memory Within the “Post-Soviet” Jewish Diaspora of Israel.” Taylor Landau. 2:45-3:15pm

Paper: “Anarchy, Arabness, and Musical Identities on the U.S.-Mexico Border.” Andrea Shaheen Espinosa. 4:00pm-5:30pm ET.

Paper: “Transforming the Preservation and Contextualization of Arab American Music at 78 RPM.” Richard Melvin Breaux. 5-5:30pm

FRIDAY, 20 October

CANCELED Panel: Negotiating Musical Change, Cultural Policy and Cultural Difference around the 1932 Cairo Congress. Evrim Hikmet Öğüt, Anne Elise Thomas, Ala El Kahla, Iyadh El Kahla. Sponsored by SAMR. 8:30-10:30am

Paper: “Ḥərsh (Rough) but Ḥəluw (Sweet)”: Voicing a Jebli Identity in a Stratified Moroccan Music Culture.” Hicham Chami. 8:30-9am

Paper: “Fan Ḥachī: The Atmospheric Art of Palestinian Storytelling.” Hanna Salmon. 9-9:30am

Paper: “Flags and Flutes: The Sonic Landscapes of Irish/Palestinian Relatedness.” Jessie Lee Rubin. 10:45-11:15am

Paper: “Making Sense of Other Futures through the music of Mashrou’ Leila.” Nour El Rayes. 10:45am-11:15am.

Keynote Lecture: “Monsoon Music: Listening with Muslim Indonesia in an Indian Ocean World.” Anne Rasmussen. 7-8pm. Sponsored by the Society for Asian Music.

SATURDAY, 21 October

Paper: “Worship on the Move: Spiritual Needs, Community-Building, and Wellbeing Among War-Displaced Syrian Melkite Christians in Germany.” Guilnard Moufarrej. 10:00-10:30am

Paper: “Pastness in Performance: Change and Continuity of Margamkali Tradition of the Syrian Christians in India.” George Pioustin. 9:30-10am

SAMR Business Meeting. 12:30-1:30pm. Zoom link:

Joint Keynote Presentation: “Soundworlds of the Saints: Ritual Journeys and Musical Authority in North African Islam.” Richard Jankowsky. 8-9:30pm. Sponsored by SAMR and Religion, Music, and Sound Section

Upcoming Presentations outside of SEM 2023

قطاع العمل الإنساني وتأثيره في إنتاج المعرفة في الموسيقى العربية: دراسة حالة للواقع في الأردن 

[The Humanitarian Sector and Its Influence on Knowledge Production in Arabic Music: The Case of Jordan]. Presenter: Melissa Scott. 32nd Arab Music Conference, Cairo, Egypt. October 2023. In person.

إدخال آلات موسيقية جديدة في التخت في العشرينات والثلاثينات القرن العشرين في مصر: المناقشات والنتائج 

[The Introduction of New Instruments in the Takht (1920s-1930s, Egypt): Debates and Results]. Presenter: Kira Weiss. 32nd Arab Music Conference, Cairo, Egypt. 2023.