In an effort to bring greater attention to the cutting edge research being done by graduate students around the world, The Society for Arab Music Research is creating a new series for its website ( called “Dissertations in Arab Music.” We invite posts from those who have recently completed their dissertations or are nearly finished. The subject matter should relate to Arab music, broadly defined, and the cultural production of the Middle East, North Africa, the Muslim world, and its diaspora.

We want to hear about and share your work! Posts should be roughly 1,000 words and authors should consider making use of the online format with photos, video, or other media that explores your research. While the intent is to outline your project—much like a dissertation abstract—the tone should be for a broader audience. Write comfortably within your own voice, as if you were describing your work to an interested colleague over lunch instead of preparing an abstract or job interview.

Send drafts or any questions to